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    About Us

    Established in 1956 by the Sisters of Charity, St. Patrick’s School has a long tradition dedicated to the mission to “teach as Jesus did.”

    One of our goals is to teach our students to become global citizens who are ready and willing to share their Catholic faith and God-given talents in service to the family of God.  Another is the development of lifelong learners who are able to continue their learning well after the completion of formal schooling.

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  • News

    • Science Lab
      4th grade scientists researched and then designed their own insects models. 5th grade engineers built the tallest towers with cups and craft sticks. They also built bridges with craft sticks, binder clips and clothes pins. 6th graders built the tallest spaghetti tower. 7th graders made a cobra weave Popsicle stick chain reaction. All of these experiments are in line with the new Science standards under STEAM and STEM
    • May Crowning
      St. Patrick's 2nd Grade class honored the Blessed Mother during the month of May with flowers, song and prayer at a ceremony on May 21st. The class wore their First Holy Communion attire. Please visit our Media Gallery for pictures of this special event.
    • Father Daughter Dance
      On Friday, June 3rd, St. Patrick's School held its 3rd Annual Father Daughter Dance. The evening was filled with Princesses escorted by their adoring fathers. Please visit our media gallery for pictures of this wonderful evening.
    • Grade 6 and 7 class trip to Westmoreland Sanctuary
      Grades 6 and 7 participated in 2 different workshops. Pond study - A 20 minute hike to a pond where kids investigated pond life in the water and bottom near the shore. Specimens like dragonfly larvae, tadpoles and snails were collected in a basin and studied. Geology hike - investigation of geologic topics - rock formations, managed biomes, local wildlife. A great time was had by all!
    • Carnival open today!! We have extended Sunday to 7 pm
      The St. Patrick's Carnival will be open until 7 pm on Sunday. Volunteers welcome!